Wednesday, March 30, 2011

After a long absence... feels good to be writing here. It's been such a long time, and I was sure this blog would end up being abandoned in the ether.
2010 was really tough for us. When you live in a rural area, jobs are hard to come by. Even that crappy job at the gas station. So we kept sliding further and further into financial problems. We could not buy what we needed, we could not buy what we wanted. We could not breathe properly, because the threat of homelessness was twisting our lungs up inside of us. And yes, we ended up losing our home. Then we moved in with family, which is difficult even under the very best of circumstances, but after several weeks we realized that this particular family member was psychotically hateful towards anyone with a vagina. A mean old lesbian that hated me, hated my daughter, and took great joy in exacting cruelty. Six weeks we lasted, before I totally lost my shit. It was too much for me, I cannot live on eggshells. So! We left.
Where are we now? In the city. I am looking for work which is HARD to find. We live in a motel, which sucks, but it keeps my daughter in the best school district in the state. It might not be the best place, but hey, she's getting a fucking awesome education.